Sun World field day

Sun World grape growers in Australia’s Sunraysia region have underlined their commitment to achieving the best possible quality over the upcoming harvest.

An agronomic field day held in Euston on Wednesday (30 October) brought together over 100 Sun World licensees, who discussed agronomy and production techniques for the branded varieties Autumncrisp and Adora Seedless.

The event was heavily supported by licensed Sun World marketers Fruit Master and Costa Group .

Fruit Master agronomist, Alysson Barbosa Vieira, led a field tour of M&J Lanteri’s farm, discussing production techniques and risk mitigation. Growers then headed to the Euston Club for presentations and a Q&A session.

“What we have tried to do today [Wednesday] is share experience and knowledge, particularly relating to the production of Autumncrisp and Adora Seedless brand grapes,” said Adam Knoll, Sun World licensing manager Australia.

“Farming already provides immense risk, if by sharing information we can grow the best possible quality fruit and reduce risks for growers we all benefit. I hope everybody who has taken the time out of their day to attend has benefited, it’s certainly been a great opportunity for our Sun World community to come together.”

Fruit Master general manager, Mark Leng, said it was great to see so many Sun World growers openly sharing information.

“As we collectively try to meet demand for Autumncrisp and Adora Seedless brand grapes produced in Australia we all have a common interest that has been shown here today,” Leng explained.

Costa Group divisional manager (grapes), Campbell Banfield, was also pleased with the success of the day.

“It was great to see the involvement of our Sun World licensees coming together, their attendance was a testament to our collective approach and support to deliver the best fruit to consumers,” Banfield said.

The Australian harvest of Autumncrisp is expected to commence in late February, with Adora Seedless following from mid-March.