GEN greenhouse 1

Automation specialist Autogrow and Agritecture Consulting have released their first Global CEA (controlled environment agriculture) Census Report providing insight into the makeup of the industry and its trends.

Headquartered in New Zealand and the US respectively, the two companies collated data from respondents in 54 countries.

Some of the major findings included the increasing spread of CEA, with two-third of respondents coming from outside of the US and 30 per cent from the developing world.

CEA farms are also diversifying by expanding their crop choices beyond leafy greens and herbs to produce such as apples and pears and stonefruit.

The report said these findings point towards CEA is providing value and interest across various cultures, climates, and other local contexts.

In addition to these conclusions, the report identified key areas in the industry that needed improvement. It highlighted the need for more education of consumers and government and a lack of data and funding.

Other areas covered in the census include demographic patterns, growing methods; facility types; marketing strategies; challenges to growth and the future outlook of CEA growers.