Astra peeling machines bring a range of benefits, including increased yield due to finer, cleaner peeling, increased safety and productivity, reduced waste and labour costs plus improved hygiene

Astra automatic peeling machines are the result of two decades of innovation and are capable of peeling more than 20 fruits and vegetables. They are the ideal time- and labour-saving solution for supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, school lunchrooms, distilleries, and large-scale facilities like fresh-cut food commissaries that prepare value-added foods for airlines, hospitals, and luxury cruises.

Even in the twenty-first century people are still peeling fruit with their own hands. Why? Because most of them don’t know about Astra peeling machines. Astra peeling machines can peel four times faster than hand peeling can and improve yield rates by 20 per cent.

The customer can collect on their investment in around two to three months by saving the labour costs. The machines make peeling much easier for the worker, saving the cost and increasing sales at the same time.

An example of the effectiveness of Astra peeling machines can be seen in a Californian supermarket that sells tones of peeled mangoes every day. Before using an Astra peeling machine, four workers worked eight hours, five days a week, to prepare fresh-cut mangoes. After installing the Astra peeling machine, the number changed to three workers, working 5.5 hours, five days a week. This is nearly 50 per cent saving in labour costs and the supermarket collected its investment in just 1.5 months.

Astra’s pineapple peeling machine KA-750PM

Astra’s pineapple peeling machine KA-750PM

Image: Astra

Another example is a pineapple farmer in South-East Asia. In the past, two workers peeled 40kg of pineapples per hour. Using the Astra pineapple peeler, the farmer increased productivity 7.5 times and now peels 150kg per hour. Not only did the peeling speed increase but the yield rate drastically increased. The yield rate improved from lower than 50 per cent when peeling by hand up to 65 per cent when using the Astra peeling machine.

Astra peeling machines are used in over 35 countries on all continents and respond to customer needs worldwide and these examples are not exceptions. Many supermarkets, dried fruit producers, fresh juice makers, distilleries, and other fruit-related companies use the Astra peeling machines to save costs and increase productivity. 

Astra expects opportunities in overseas markets to grow and is now looking for distributors in a number of regions.

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