Queen Garnet Plumb

The 2021 Australian Queen Garnet plum season has seen production double with the help of perfect growing conditions and exports are now expected to follow suit.

According to Nutrafruit, the Queensland-based company which owns the global licence for the variety, a good offseason paved the way for the bumper harvest, which will be available in export and domestic markets until March.

Luke Couch, chief executive of Nutrafruit, predicted a 300 per cent growth in Queen Garnet plum exports from 2020.

Markets including United Arab Emirates, China, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore now account for up to 50 per cent of the harvest.

“More people are trying to find natural foods to enhance their health and wellbeing amid the coronavirus pandemic, we’re expecting this year’s harvest to sell out quickly,” Couch said.

“With this increased international interest, we’ll continue to heavily invest in export markets for premium pricing and sustained growth.”