First batch of airflown Santina cherries sold out within a few hours, company said

The first Chilean-grown Camposol cherries have landed in China. The company held a ceremony in Shanghai market for distributors and customers to mark the arrival of the first air shipment of Santina cherries, considered one of the best varieties in the Chinese market.

Camposol cherries China

Cherries are a popular and demanded fruit in China, symbolising perfection, eternity, fortune and prosperity, and are often given as a special gift. Camposol said this first batch of cherries generated a lot of expectation in the various purchase channels and sold out in a few hours.

“This first arrival of cherries in China is very important to us. We know that this market is very demanding with fruit and is constantly in search of the best quality,” said Luis Miguel Baanante, general manager of Camposol in Asia.

“For Camposol it is an honour to be able to arrive with healthy food. We will continue our efforts to share our best products with the world.”