Pilot programme will speed up entry into China of fruit subjected to cold treatment

The first consignments of Chilean cherries using a new method to monitor cold treatment during transit have arrived at the port of Shanghai.

Chilean cherries

From this January, a computer system is being used to verify the correct calibration of the sensors used to monitor cold treatment during shipment of cherries from regions experiencing an outbreak of fruit fly.

Previously, all shipments had to be checked manually by the Chinese authorities to verify that the sensors were well calibrated and the cold treatment had been carried out properly.

“This system is unique, there is no country that has a similar one. Once it is validated by both countries, it will be extended to all ports in China, which is a tremendous advance to be able to speed up the entry of our fresh fruits into the Chinese distribution chain,” said Miguel Canala-Echeverría, general manager of Fruits from Chile.

When an outbreak of fruit fly is detected, Chile’s plant health authority, SAG implements a quarantine radius of 27.2km. All the fruit grown within that radius has to be exported with a cold treatment.

SAG director José Guajardo said the pilot had been agreed at a bilateral meeting between SAG and Chinese customs authorities last year. He welcomed the positive development, noting that “it shows what can be achieved when we work in a coordinated and joint manner.”.

The new system also includes packing information, the location of the containers and the BL number of the container, among other information.