B2B payment and lending solution provider, Cirralto, has entered into an agreement that will deliver Australian exporter and Chinese importer, James Tyler, a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) funding facility of A$2m per month to help facilitate better trade partnerships, and on more favourable terms, between Australian fresh produce providers and Chinese retailers, including Aldi, Costco Wholesale, and City Shop.

Australian fresh food producers can now export with mitigated risk through upfront payment and fully controlled customs clearing, enabled through integration between James Tyler, Cirralto and Fresh Supply Co.

Australian producers are essentially given a cash flow injection to support increased production of fresh fruit yields while gaining certainly over their order volumes and predicted cash flow.

It’s anticipated the partnership will help enable Australian fresh food providers to boost their sales volumes and invest more in growth initiatives to better support high pre-aggregated market demand in China, as facilitated by James Tyler.

China remains one of Australia’s largest trading partners, however, the Department of Foriegn Affairs and Trade (DFAT) reported recent economic instability and cash flow pressures, largely driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, have caused this volume to decrease by 3 per cent in 2020.

The new partnership is set to provide Australian producers with direct access to major Chinese fresh-food platforms along with pre-determined sales volumes. It is supported by embedding operational data from the Fresh Supply Co network into the Mastercard Provenance Solution, and is ultimately helping to create stronger trade relationships, better trust and greater transparency between good quality Australian producers and high-quality Chinese buyers.

Adrian Floate, chief executive of Cirralto and managing director of Spenda, said: “As a company we have a strategic focus on the agricultural segment in Australia, not only because it is a great market opportunity for us as a company, but because we recognise the importance of the industry to Australia and want to facilitate improvements in trade so that Aussie farmers can get paid quicker.

“The addition of James Tyler as a lending customer further strengthens our relationships with Mastercard and Fresh Supply Co. We are extremely excited by the potential of these types of opportunities to drive improvements in food distribution and cross-border trade whilst also generating sustainable revenue,” Floate added.

Meanwhile James Hutchinson, co-founder of James Tyler, said: “Working with Cirralto to provide extended BNPL to the Australian export market will provide certainty to the whole supply chain.

“Because of our unique business structure, we are able to aggregate demand in China for Australian produce, and help Australian producers solve their cash flow issues with upfront payment at the start of the season, a time of the year that is always a huge challenge for producers who are faced with high operational costs but no revenue for many months. This new partnership provides greater transparency and certainty to both Australian producers and Chinese buyers.”

David Inderias, chief executive and co-founder of Fresh Supply Co added: “As a supply-chain digitisation company we’ve been working to provide the agricultural business with transparency across the supply chain. Working with James Tyler combines the collective knowledge and resources of all parties to facilitate better access to working capital for the agricultural Industry.”

The BNPL funding will be provided by Cirralto with all payments and collection services to be processed and delivered through Cirralto's core product, Spenda.