Chilean exporter to honour shared history with Chinese partners by adopting its long recognised name in the Asian market

Copefrut's new brand identity in China

Copefrut’s new brand identity in China

Copefrut, a leading Chilean fruit exporter with over 50 years of global experience, announced today it is formally adopting the brand name BoBan (波板) for the Chinese market. The moniker BoBan originated organically from local trade partners due to Copefrut’s previous logo resembling a ping pong paddle.

By officially taking the BoBan (波板) name, Copefrut honours its decades of shared history and deepens connections with long-standing partners in China. This rebranding underscores Copefrut’s commitment to strengthening ties as a trusted fruit supplier in this essential market for over 20 years in China.

“We are proud to embrace BoBan as our new brand name in China, this represents one step further in our commitment to the Chinese market,” said Andres Fuenzalida, CEO at Copefrut. “Our dedication to our valued Chinese partners over the past two decades is stronger than ever”.

Copefrut opened its Shanghai office in 2018 to bolster on-the-ground capabilities and relationships. Adopting the familiar BoBan identity signals the next stage in Copefrut’s localization journey in China.

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Curico, Chile, Copefrut is a leading exporter of cherries, plums, apples, kiwis and more to over 50 countries. Its reputation for premium quality fruits is well recognized among Chinese trade partners and consumers.

Transitioning to the BoBan brand represents Copefrut’s commitment to strengthening ties in the rapidly growing Chinese market. With its own local team and supply chain assets, Copefrut is positioned to leverage the strategic BoBan branding, thanks to the public’s recognition, to expand promotions to consumers and differentiate among import competitors.