IBM Food Trust

Cold chain management company DeltaTrak has announced it has joined the IBM Food Trust and will help suppliers of leafy greens and other perishable food commodities integrate with the global traceability platform.

Food Trust connects supply chain datafor the food industry and is used retailers across the world, with like likes of Carrefour and Walmart using the platform to manage traceability.

By joining Food Trust, DeltaTrak can assist suppliers with selectively sharing key information about food items with their other business partners, such as suppliers, producers, retailers and more.

Frederick Wu, president and chief executive of DeltaTrak, said this would benefit all who use the system.

“Participation in the IBM Food Trust should be more than just customer-driven. When suppliers come on board, they’re joining forces with other stakeholders, to improve the speed of food safety tracebacks, reduce waste, and optimise efficiency in the supply chain,” Wu said.

“Ultimately a win-win situation for all parties, down to the consumer.”