New multi-vendor marketplace to connect traceable agrifood suppliers and buyers from across the globe

DiMuto B2b marketplace

Image: DiMuto

DiMuto has launched a new B2B e-commerce marketplace connecting traceable agrifood suppliers, growers and exporters to importers, wholesalers, and retailers.

The AgriFood Trade Solutions company said the multi-vendor marketplace would create a convenient, one-stop destination for the sale and procurement of AgriFood products.

“DiMuto Marketplace enables agrifood players to easily tap into a global commerce ecosystem of fresh and frozen fresh produce, livestock, meat and seafood products, regardless of their geographical location, and complete the ordering process digitally,” the company said in a release. 

“Once a buyer and seller link up and an order is placed on the DiMuto Marketplace, the trade is then tracked directly on DiMuto’s Trade Management Platform, where every carton of product is digitised, tracked, and unified with critical trade documents and payment information.

“This seamless connection between creating the sales and managing the order removes the organisational silos between buyers and sellers, as well as internally within the sales, procurement, shipping and finance departments.”

Every action taken to move the trade towards completion is tracked and viewable via a trade timeline, allowing suppliers to effectively share necessary information with buyers such as bills of lading, certificates of origin, phytosanitary certificates and more. The marketplace also provides information on product quality and key sustainability metrics.

Julie Escobar, chief commercial officer of DiMuto, said the marketplace was an exciting value proposition for the fresh produce industry.

“It not only saves valuable resources on prospecting, it also allows companies to really measure and ensure the sustainability of their food supply chains by connecting to our trade management solutions,” said Escobar.

“We believe that with the ecosystem it brings to the table, the marketplace tool will certainly add tremendous value to our customers and the industry and pave the way to a future of digital agrifood trade.”

Founder and chief executive Gary Loh said the Marketplace was one of the three engines DiMuto’s vision to power global agrifood trade with visibility and finance.

He said the company aims to scale its Marketplace, Trade Management and Financial Services pillars to grow and power its agrifood Trade ecosystem of traceable and sustainable growers-exports, traders and retailers in the coming months. 

“We are pleased to launch the DiMuto Marketplace. The Marketplace allows DiMuto to capture the trade, and connect it to our Trade Management Solutions that makes these trade visible, which can then be financed through our Financial Services. With these three gears removing all the friction in global trade, DiMuto truly powers the agrifood trade with visibility and finance,” said Loh.