Apeel - fruit & veg

A postharvest protection product made entirely of edible plant extracts has been made available to USDA-certified organic and conventional fresh produce growers and retailers.

Developed by California-based Apeel Sciences, the Edipeel product is claimed to improve the quality and double the shelf life of dozens of produce lines, even without the use of refrigeration.

“Edipeel, our product for postharvest protection, is made entirely of natural extracts that are found in the peels and pulps of all fruit and vegetables we eat,” Apeel said in a release.

“We're working with a select number of fresh food producers and retailers to help them achieve freshness and quality that lasts.”

Apeel recently moved into a new 105,000ft2 facility in Goleta, Santa Barbara, that the company said would enable it to service the entire world’s avocados supply. The Apeel team has nearly doubled in size this year, with the organisation now employing 80 staff.

“Apeel is on a mission to end food waste and make the food system more sustainable,” the release added. “We aspire to help the fresh food supply chain loosen perishability constraints—so together, we can waste less, lighten agriculture’s environmental footprint, eat better, and sustainably feed the next billions.”