Happyfresh personal shopper dark store

HappyFresh has expanded its online grocery delivery platform with the launch of HappyFresh Supermarket, a new service supplied by the company’s own dark stores.

HappyFresh Supermarket has been launched in major cities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, such as Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok with further expansion on the horizon.

The new service is designed to complement HappyFresh’s existing strategy of closely collaborating with national and regional supermarket chains.

HappyFresh Supermarket aims drive further engagement with online shopping by offering express and same-day delivery of over 15,000 SKUs of fresh, dry, and frozen products, all supplied out of dark store facilities fitted with three closely monitored temperature zones.

“HappyFresh Supermarket is one step closer towards our vision of simplifying the lives of our consumers and just a couple of months after launching, we see tremendous interest with month-on-month growth in users of 300 per cent,” said Guillem Segarra chief executive of Happy Fresh.

“To meet this demand, we are rolling out more and more facilities to increase our coverage area and provide much greater accessibility. Grocery is in our DNA.”

Segarra said consumers were changing the way they shopped due to the pandemic and HappyFresh was moving to meet their needs.

“The grocery industry is going through a massive transformation driven by a fundamental change of shopping habits. South-East Asia is at the cusp of it. We are talking about a US$300bn industry, and hence setting the fundamental building blocks for how the next 100m people shop for groceries is and will be our main focus as a company,” added Segarra.

“We believe that our customers should have the choice to pick from a wide range of products, freshly handpicked at affordable prices, without having to compromise on quality. HappyFresh Supermarket is a one-stop-shop to satisfy their daily and weekly grocery needs, and we want to make it accessible to everyone.”