Collaboration with Dulcich & Sons to help improve quality table grapes bound for Asia

Hazel Technologies has announced a new partnership with US table grape grower-packer-shipper Dulcich & Sons.

The California-based Dulcich & Sons has over 1,200ha of vertically integrated fresh table grapes under management and is best known for its Pretty Lady brand. It exports green, red, and black varietals globally through its worldwide marketing arm, Sunlight International Sales.

Dulcich & Sons will employ Hazel’s Hazel 100 solution as part of its 2022 export programme to improve quality and ensure table grapes arrive with greener stems even after extended time on the water. 

“Not only have I seen the benefits of Hazel 100 with my own eyes, but my customers are seeing it too,” said Nick Dulcich, co-owner and president at Dulcich & Sons. 

“One of our customers in Malaysia raved about seeing greener stems from our Hazel 100-treated grapes. This is just one of many examples of why we’re planning on using Hazel 100 on all of our export and storage grapes in 2022.”

Despite the challenges faced by US table grape exporters since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic Dulcich & Sons remains determined to supply a wide array of varietals to key export markets in Aisa including Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korea.