INI Farms India pomegranate QR code 3

Indian grower-marketer INI Farms has added QR codes to all of its pomegranates, upgrading its traceability capabilities.

All of the INI Farms pomegranates sold under its Kimaye brand in domestic and international markets will now feature labels with a QR code as part of its technology programme FruitRoute.

The code provides consumers information about the journey of the fruit, from the farmer who cultivated the fruit, the harvest, handling, packaging, transport, and retail.

The first containers featuring the new labels have already been shipped to Dubai and shipments to Malaysia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are scheduled sent before the end of August. INI Farms plans to add labels to its fresh cut range by September and to its bananas by December.

Purnima Khandelwal, chief executive of INI Farms, said the company decided to implement this traceability solution in response to growing consumer awareness about the safety of fruit and hygiene, particularly during the pandemic.

“For INI Farms, the quality and safety of our fruit has always been a priority and this will help in building the trust that customers seek while buying fruits from the market,” said Khandelwal.

“By allowing consumers to engage directly with our farmers, consumers will become aware of the sustainable and ethical practices through which our farmers grow the fruit and create a strong brand that is focused on 100 per cent safe fruits for consumption.

In addition to the benefits the solution will provide INI Farms, such as the ability to selectively recall produce, Khandelwal said the development will help the company drive higher standards across the industry.

“The larger goal for INI is to set high-quality industry standards and practices and to establish them as basic norms of the sector among all organised players. We want to champion that cause,” Khandelwal

“We work with our employees, farmers, investors and customers to build a healthy, sustainable and socially impactful business.”