Joint venture with Hanoi-based cold-storage warehouse operator set to bolster Lineage’s South-East Asia network

Lineage Logistics has announced it has partially closed a joint venture arrangement with Hanoi-based cold-storage warehouse operator SK Logistics.

Brooke Miller, president Asia Pacific at Lineage, said the venture created a valuable addition to the company’s South-East Asia network.

“Partnering with SK Logistics is a remarkable opportunity for us to continue delivering world class cold storage solutions in the Asia Pacific region alongside a proud and thriving family business,” said Miller.

“These facilities serve a wide range of customers, including supermarket chains that provide food for families across the region. We are excited to keep growing these valuable relationships together with SK Logistics as we continue in our mission to feed the world.”

Miller said expanding Lineage’s footprint in Asia Pacific through Vietnam as a significant economic contributor in the region continues to be a long-term strategic goal for the company.

“Vietnam is an important market for Lineage and partnering with a reliable and proven operator like SK Logistics helps us to continue delivering excellence in supply chain solutions in the region.”

SK Logistics’ two cold storage warehouses, totalling almost 400,000ft², represent a strong increase in capacity in the north of Vietnam for Lineage. These facilities offer storage, distribution, stamping, weighing, classification, packing, and picking services for important customers in the region. 

Lineage in Vietnam now has integrated assets and supply chain solutions in both the northern and southern ends of the country, with facilities in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.