Lytone Enterprise has collaborated with Thai distributor partner, Super Fresh to showcase LytoFresh fruit and vegetable preservation technology at the Fruit Innovation Fair (FiF 2024) in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand.

LytoFresh preservation technology – comprising of the AnsiP series of products, Natacoat, KaDoZan, and Azolyte – primarily offers solutions to extend the shelf-life and provide antibacterial and mold-proof properties for agricultural products.

Over the past two decades, Lytone Enterprise’s product sales footprint has extended to various countries in South-East Asia, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Egypt, the United States, Mexico, and countries in Central and South America, assisting fruit and vegetable producers and exporters worldwide in supplying high-quality fresh or chilled products and reducing losses during the marketing process of their agricultural products.

Earlier this year, Lytone Enterprise’s new form, the controlled-release formulation for ethylene inhibition: AnsiP-Sticker, also obtained patent certification in Thailand, and is applicable to various types of agricultural product packaging, reducing ethylene-induced ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Sujin Wongwatthanakan, CEO of Super Fresh, said: “Ginger is widely cultivated in Thailand, and our producer clients use Natacoat to effectively reduce fungal diseases during storage and transportation. By participating in the  Fruit Innovation Fair (FiF 2024), we hope to introduce LytoFresh preservation technology to more tropical fruit producers, enhancing the overall quality and efficiency of the fruit and vegetable industry.

“In early 2024, due to dry weather conditions leading to an increase in field diseases and a decrease in yields for various fruits, there has been a stronger demand in the market for preservation technology to extend the storage time of harvested fruits,” Wongwatthanakan added.

The LytoFresh preservation technology begins with fundamental prevention from field cultivation, supplying crops with balanced micronutrients to enhance their resilience to environmental stressors and reducing microbial infections and ethylene-induced ripening after harvesting. Currently, in Thailand, LytoFresh preservation technology has provided tailored preservation solutions for tropical fruits such as mangosteen and mangoes, assisting exporters in shipping to economically advanced countries like Japan and North America. Moreover, during the fair, visitors from Malaysia also expressed interest, stating: “The concept of LytoFresh preservation is exactly what durian producers need. As the durian harvesting season approaches in April and May, we are prepared to conduct commercial tests”.

Lytone Enterprise continues to collaborate with its distributors worldwide to promote the LytoFresh preservation technology. From 4-6 March, Lytone Enterprise also participated in the BioSolutions Conference & Expo in Visalia, California, receiving tremendous attention.

We welcome any partner interested in collaborating in the American market to join us in revolutionising the agricultural supply chain.