Non-traditional varieties are forecast to make up more than 60 per cent of the industry’s total exports this season

Frutas de Chile conducts in-store promotions for Chilean grapes

Frutas de Chile conducts in-store promotions for Chilean grapes in China

Chilean table grape exports are forecast to reach 62m cartons (8.2kg) in 2023/24, marking a slight increase from last season’s total shipments of 60.5m cartons, according to data from Frutas de Chile’s Chilean Grape Committee. Due to increasing demand from the US market, it is expected that about 65 per cent of the total volume this season (equivalent to 40m cartons) will be shipped to North America.

As of Week 15, Chile has exported 55.72m cartons of table grapes this season.

A ‘Chilean Fruits: Table Grapes 2024’ workshop was hosted by Frutas de Chile recently in Shanghai, where major Chinese importers, leading Chilean exporters, and business media gathered to share and discuss Chilean grape exports to China.

Industry experts say that when it comes to imported grapes in the Chinese market, Chilean grapes have a reputation for excellent quality while the varietal offering is undergoing constant renewal. In addition, Chilean grapes have been present in the Chinese market for a long time and have established relatively mature distribution channels.

In terms of varieties, non-traditional varieties accounted for nearly 50 per cent of Chile’s total table grape exports last season. Exports of new varieties such as Sweet Globe, Allison, Timco, and Autumncrisp have seen noteable growth. These emerging varieties are expected to account for more than 60 per cent of total exports this season. One of the conventional varieties seeing the largest decline in sales is Thompson Seedless, which has seen a 52 per cent drop in export volumes, according to market feedback.

Importers say Chinese consumers prefer grapes with a crisp texture, sweet taste and fresh green stems. Autumncrisp and Sweet Globe thus are very popular in the market. 

Frutas de Chile Table grape online campaign China

Online advertising is a core part of Frutas de Chile’s China campaign

According to consumer insights released by Frutas de Chile, in 2023, Chinese consumers have a colour preference for grapes in the following order: red, black and green. Grapes have a wide range of consumption scenarios and are also suitable for various groups of people, especially in household settings.

In recent years, Frutas de Chile has spared no effort in promoting Chilean grapes in the Chinese market, including display and tasting in physical stores, and jointly organising pop-up events with Keep, one of China’s leading sports applications. In terms of online activations, Frutas de Chile continues to place advertisements on video platforms, online news platforms, WeChat official accounts and WeChat groups to promote Chile’s position as a high-quality Southern Hemisphere grape supplier.