Thirukumaran Nagarajan Thiru ninjacart web

Indian fresh produce supply chain start-up Ninjacart has unveiled a new US$25m fund to support other agricultural start-ups.

Ninjacart has already raised over US$300m for its own operations, securing investment from the likes of Flipkart and Walmart, and now it’s planning to help other companies follow in its footsteps.

“As we continue to build Ninjacart we have come to a humble submission that it is definitely not possible to organise the entire agri ecosystem by one company. The only way to achieve this dream is to work, promote, partner and develop like-minded talented teams who could dream with us,” the company said.

“We will invest in start-ups, entrepreneurs and tech innovators who present unique, sustainable and tech-enabled solutions. In addition, we will invest in teams that have great tech abilities but may lack a solution or an idea at the moment.”

Start-ups that partner with Ninjacart will gain access to seed capital, the Ninjacart team, its farmers, partners and customers plus Ninjacart’sinfrastructure and learnings.

“Joining forces with Ninjacart will open windows for emerging enterprises allowing them to access valuable data, supply chain infrastructure, technology, farmers, and existing partners,” said Thirukumuran Nagarajan, co-founder and chief executive.

“The start-ups will be introduced to VCs, angel investors, and incubators. The procedure would be simple, allowing early-stage entrepreneurs to turn their concepts into concrete action on ground.”