Karel Heijs says Asia Fruit Logistica is about showcasing Asia to the world

Chris White: You’ve just called off this year’s Asia Fruit Logistica. Why?

Karel Heijs: It’s very simple. The continued severe limitation of international business travel during Covid means we cannot guarantee our customers the quality exhibition we deliver at Asia Fruit Logsitica.

Every September, more than 800 exhibitors and 12,000 visitors from 70 countries all around the world meet in Hong Kong to attend Asia Fruit Logistica.

Regrettably, Asia Fruit Logistica can’t happen this September. It is not an easy decision for us to make. We would have been delighted to meet everyone in person this year.

CW: But couldn’t you wait just a while longer to see if things get better?

KH: No, we couldn’t risk that. At Asia Fruit Logistica we don’t make unrealistic promises. We’re not in the game of telling our exhibitors and visitors something we know we cannot deliver. It’s better for everyone that we say that loud and clear and that we say that right now.

After discussion with our partners and stakeholders, it’s clear that things will not be back to normal before September. And I don’t think it’s going to be easy for any fresh produce business exhibition for the rest of 2021. Unfortunately, every single organiser has to deal with the same situation this year. It’s been a really tough time for all of us.

Asia Fruit Logistica is all about showcasing Asia to the world. It is the result of many years of hard work. Every year, more and more exhibitors and visitors join us in Hong Kong. It has taken years to build this community and to build our reputation. We will deliver the best quality event in future too.

CW: And what about all that great content we get at every edition of Asia Fruit Logistica?

KH: The internet is perfect for content!

We’re delighted Asiafruit Congress is going to take place online this September 2021. As always you and your colleagues will put on a fantastic online event during our show dates in September. It showcases Asia to the world.

Asiafruit Congress has been telling the world about the fantastic opportunities of Asia since 1998, and it has all the great content you get at Asia Fruit Logistica. It gives all our visitors and exhibitors a chance to connect and network on a new virtual platform that’s easy to use in just a few clicks.

By taking Asiafruit Congress online this year, you can carry the good news about the exciting opportunities in Asia to every corner of the world. And ultimately this will bring even more people to the next edition of Asia Fruit Logistica in September next year!

CW: That means Asia Fruit Logistica returns to Hong Kong in September 2022?

KH: Yes, that’s right, we’ll be back in Hong Kong at our usual spot in the first week of September. The next edition of Asia Fruit Logistica takes place on 7-9 September 2022 in Hong Kong. Please save the dates in your diary and visit our website for more information.

Hong Kong is the best place in Asia to showcase what’s best in the world of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hong Kong is a free market that is open to everyone from everywhere. And it is also the gateway to China. The strategic location of Hong Kong at the centre of Asia is a big plus too.

In fact, we plan to host a small networking event in Hong Kong at the end of September. It’s a moment for Asia Fruit Logistica to say a big thank you to those exhibitors and visitors who have been our loyal supporters. They have helped us to get where we are today. And it will also be the moment to start the countdown for Asia Fruit Logistica in September 2022!