Peru citrus

Peruvian citrus and pomegranates exporters could soon gain access to Thailand with both governments working to finalise protocols.

According to a report from the Bangkok Post, authorities are moving forward with the development of protocols and phytosanitary requirements.

Erick Aponte, trade commissioner of Promperu for Southeast Asia, told the Bangkok PostPeru has already had a strong reception to its fruit.

'Thai consumers appreciate the high quality of Peruvian products. For this reason, our efforts are geared towards making people more aware of our products so they can distinguish the attributes that set them apart from produce of other countries,' Aponte said.

'To this end, we have rolled out several 'Super Foods Peru' promotional campaigns in the Thai market, both at points of sale and online.'

Currently grapes are Peru’s largest fresh produce export to Thailand accounting for 5 per cent of Thailand’s grape imports in 2019, but work is being done to enhance the prospects of a range of Peruvian fruits.

'In supermarkets we are organising tasting sessions of cranberries in conjunction with the company Navatan World Fruits, notably in Foodland, Tops, Max Value and The Mall,” Aponte said.

“Online, through the Fresh Living e-commerce platform, we are promoting avocados, chia seeds and quinoa, and later on cranberries and grapes.”

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