Vog apple

South-East Asia is a rapidly expanding market of extreme interest to apple exporters, according to Italy’s largest international topfruit supplier, Vog.

With this in mind, Vog is once again participating in Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong, where the consortium is promoting a wide range of apples on the stand organised by Export Organization of South Tyrol (EOS).

As Vog director Gerhard Dichgans explains, markets in South-East Asia in particular have been enjoying significant growth of late and are open to new products, food experiences and flavours.

Already, apple varieties grown in large volumes in Italy, such as Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji and Red Delicious – are in strong demand.

However, interest in innovative new apple varieties that are either sweet or balanced in flavour but nonetheless always juicy and crunchy, is also said to be growing.

These include Pink Lady, of which Vog is one of the largest producers and exporters in Europe.

“South-East Asia is an area of vast potential,” commented Dichgans. “Until now our presence on these markets has been limited, but our goal is to grow gradually, focusing on one hand on well-known and popular varieties such as Royal Gala and Granny Smith, and on the other on club varieties such as Pink Lady and Modì, two crunchy and juicy apples that we are convinced will prove very popular with operators and consumers.”

He added: “Through our participation at Asia Fruit Logistica, we hope to cement our relations with our clients and to forge contacts with potential new commercial partners in the area.”