California grapes

Californian table grape exports hit a new record over the 2013 season, with 48.6m cartons shipped internationally. This represented a 17 per cent increase on the previous season, according to the Californian Table Grape Commission (CTGC).

Canada was again the largest export market by volume, taking 11.9m cartons, while the combined China/Hong Kong market was second with 7.9m cartons.

Exports accounted for 41 per cent of California’s overall crop volume, which hit a record 117.4m cartons in 2013. CTGC estimated the total crop value at US$1.7bn.

“Over the past 10 years the volume has significantly increased,” said Kathleen Nave, president of CTGC.“In 2003 the crop was under 80m cartons. In 2012 the 100m cartons mark was crossed for the first time in history, and in 2013 another record was set with the crop totalling 117.4m cartons.”

With the 2014 season a little over a month away, CTGC is gearing up its global campaign for grapes from California, which includes retail, consumer and foodservice programmes.