New sales hub will help company to better serve its Asian customers and unleash its full potential in the region

Salix Fruits

The Salix Fruits team

Salix Fruits has expanded its global footprint with the opening of its newest office in Singapore, marking a significant strategic move to enhance its presence in the Asian markets. The company said the move would enable it to better serve and engage with its customers in the dynamic Asian region.

Sales manager Javier Orti commented: “Having a local office is the most effective way to stay close to our customers in the Asian markets and unleash our full potential in this region”.

Salix Fruits said its primary goal of is to ensure enhanced personal engagement with clients, swift market opportunity assessments, and ultimately boost sales volumes. Additionally, it aims to provide increased value to its producers by gaining deeper insights into these markets.

Salix’s entry into Singapore’s import and export market is poised to significantly influence the region’s fresh fruit trade. “The establishment of this office demonstrates a commitment to meeting diverse market demands and forging stronger commercial ties within the region,” Orti said. “The Singapore market offers abundant opportunities for those who comprehend the specificities required for each product.”

The company said a local presence will enable it to address customer requirements promptly and efficiently as Singapore’s strategic location as a regional hub allows quick access to key markets.

“While we are familiar with these markets, each country within the region presents unique challenges in terms of purchasing power, import requirements, and varying product demands,” Orti said, adding that the strategy involves leveraging established client bases for accelerated growth while concurrently expanding operations in other markets.

The Singapore office will be headed by Raed Kazi, who Salix said has a proven track record as a country manager in India and prior experience in Latin America.

Salix Fruits said its long-term vision for its Singapore office revolves around solidifying commercial relationships, leveraging its global supplier network, and harnessing the team’s collective expertise to emerge as a reliable global fruit supplier.