CN Spar Shandong Jiajiayue

Photo: Spar Shandong, Jiajiayue

Spar China’s Shandong-based partner Jiajjayue has opened its first membership-based warehouse supermarket, as Spar Shandong looks to extend its rapidly expanding farm-to-supermarket model.

Located in Hongyang Plaza, Jinan City, the 7,000m2 Spar Jiajiayue outlet promises its members “an exclusive shopping experience and more differentiated services”.

According to a press release, the store offers a “spacious and open layout” with 3m-wide aisles, featuring more than 3,000 different product lines.

By joining the membership scheme, customers gain access to that extensive range, as well as other value-added services.

Around half of the items in stock are sourced internationally, but Spar Shandong has also invested heavily in its domestic sourcing capabilities.

Across the region, in fact, it now works with more than half a million individual fresh growers as part of a traceability-focused farm-to-fork initiative.

It has also built six ambient logistics centres and seven fresh food logistics centres.