imported fruit sri lanka supermarket

Imported fruit at a supermarket in Sri Lanka

Available in three languages (English, Sinhalese, and Tamil), the Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal (SLTIP), is a one stop shop for all information relating to the import and export of goods in Sri Lanka.

The website will assist traders with accessing information relating to commodities, tariffs, products, legal documents, measures, standards, procedures, and any forms they may need.

It was put together by Sri Lanka’s Department of Commerce with the help of other government agencies. Director general of commerce, Sonali Wijeratne said that with this website, Sri Lanka now complies with Article 1.2 of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, implemented by the World Trade Organisation.

“We have identified and analysed 204 Non-Tariff Measures and explained 207 related procedures. We have also identified 252 forms related to Procedures and 269 legal documents which provide detail of the legislative background to the Measures.”

The website, known as a Trade Information Portal or TIP, provides transparency to traders, benefitting their business, according to Lanka Business Online.

Sri Lanka’s Food control administration unit, Department of Agriculture, Department of Export Agriculture, and Coconut Development Authority are all represented on the website, among many others.