STK logo

Bio-ag technology company Stockton has announced a name change. The Israel-based firm will now trade under the STK brand and will be comprised of two distinct business units.

STK Bio-Ag will service global agriculture markets, offering botanical-based and 'hybrid' solutions for crop protection, while STK Aqua will cater for the fish and shrimp farming industry globally.

With the new name comes an updated logo, which maintains the company's orange trade dress while adding a new bio-ag technology descriptor.

STK chief executive Guy Elitzur said the move reflected the company's transition from its legacy business in generic agrochemicals to its current strategy and R&D leadership in bio-ag technology and botanical-based solutions.

'The new STK name comes after a yearlong rebranding process,' Elitzur explained. 'STK represents a short, smart and memorable name, which maintains a bridge to the company's heritage, and reflects our focus and commitment to bio-ag technology for the future of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture.'