Sweeki Kiwifruit

Despite trying growing conditions across Europe, Origine Group is optimistic about its prospects with kiwifruit in 2020.

The consortium, which brings together nine producers from Italy and Chile, has set its sights on expanding its kiwifruit sales programmes into Europe, North America and Asia, after marketing 4,000 tonnes of the fruit over the 2018/19 campaign.

While weather and pest issues have prompted a revision of the size of the overall European kiwifruit crop, Origine has reported a good start to the Italian season, with fruit arriving in Asia in the early parts of the new year.

The Italian-grown product will continue to be shipped to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore over the coming months, with fruit to be marketed under the group’s Sweeki label in supermarkets, fruit shops and wholesale markets.

Origine’s plans to grow market share for Sweeki in Asia are built around the pillars of constantly delivering a high-quality product, engaging consumers through eye-catching promotion and marketing services, and ensuring year-round supply for its customers thanks to supply bases in both Italy and Chile.

“The final objective is, on one hand, being the right partner for retailers and wholesale operators alike and, on the other hand, ensuring a perfect eating experience for the final consumer,” according to a release from Origine Group.

“Sweeki is characterised by perfect shape, a high sugar degree and a high content of dry substance. Moreover, Origine Group commercialises the product of its member companies and therefore guarantees total traceability.

This article appears in the February edition of Asiafruit Magazine.