With expectations of a bumper cherry harvest, Fruit Growers Tasmania is supporting the Australian state’s cherry growers through a promotion in Taiwan.

The ‘From Our Island to Yours’ campaign is being anchored with a four-week digital and social media programme, running from 3 January until the start of the Chinese New Year (1 February).

The campaign targets young, affluent and discerning grocery buyers. Facebook and YouTube advertising will target websites used by the intendedaudience. This includes 15 and 30 second true view skippable videos, showcasing premium Tasmanian cherries.

Once the images reach consumers, they can click through to the Tasmanian Grown Cherries Facebook page, which provides examples of various Tasmanian cherry brands available in the market and vision of growers harvesting and packing fruit.

The Facebook page also allows interaction between consumers and Tasmanian growers, giving shoppers a connection with the source of their cherries.

The campaign aims to showcase the freshness of Tasmanian cherries and their availability at the right time for the customary gift giving season around Chinese New Year. Tasmanian cherries are delivered to Taiwan by airfreight within 48–72 hours of being harvested.

Fruit Growers Tasmania chief executive Peter Cornish said exporters were excited by the opportunity to educate consumers in Taiwan about Tasmania’s pristine environment for growing cherries.

Tasmania exported 2,430 tonnes of cherries over the 2020/21 season, worth A$43m (US$31m). This accounted for 51 per cent of Australian cherry exports to all markets.

Taiwan received over 16 per cent of Tasmania’s cherry export crop last season. Tasmania was the only Australian state to export cherries to Taiwan in 2020/21 due to favourable market access arrangements, granted through its status a pest free area (PFA).