Philippine authorities seek to speed up US access for pineapples during trade talks

The Department of Trade and Industry Philippines has put pineapple exports at the top of the agenda in recent trade talks with the US.

According to a report from Business Mirror, Philippine officials urged their counterparts to allow the export of Philippine pineapples to the US.

In a bilateral meeting between trade secretary Ramon Lopez and US trade representative Katherine Tai, Lopez confirmed the acceptability of the mitigating measures proposed by the US Animal and Plant Health Service for the entry of Philippine pineapples.

The Philippines has been working on gaining access to the US for its pineapples for a number of years and Agriculture secretary William Dar has previously highlighted how valuable the market could be.

“Expanding the export market of Philippine pineapples and mangoes in the US and other countries will not only enhance our national economy, but more importantly, provide increased incomes to thousands of farmers and their families in pineapple-and mango-producing provinces nationwide,” said Dar.