Vietnamese longan 1

China and Australia are among the countries Vietnam is targeting as it works to increase its longan exports.

According to a report from Vietnam News Service (VNS), Vietnamese and Chines authorities are working together to remove difficulties faced by longan exporters trying to supply China.

Le Quoc Doanh, Vietnamese deputy minister of agriculture and rural development, told VNS the Covid-19 pandemic had caused a decline in Vietnamese exports to China.

Doanh said the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam was willing to coordinate with Vietnamese authorities to hold virtual meetings and remove difficulties, such as contacting major businesses in China, to facilitate the shipment of longan to China.

In another move set to increase longan exports, authorities in the northern Hai Duong province have granted four new longan growing area codes totalling 43ha.

The VNS report said these areas will be used for growing export-quality longan destined for Australia and other markets and will be observed by agricultural scientists

Local authorities have also provided technical training to help growers meet international standards and have worked to link exporters with farmers.