Wellcome Fresh 2

Wellcome Supermarket has launched its brand-new concept store Wellcome Fresh, which features 23 zones and 15,000 products.

Located in The Westwood shopping centre, the store has over 50,000ft2 of store space making it the largest supermarket in Hong Kong, according to the retailer.

The store specialises in fresh products with three fresh ingredient zones – the fresh produce zone, the butcher shop, and the seafood zone – showcasing seasonal items curated from around the world.

The fresh produce zone carries a large collection of tropical fruits and vegetables sourced from Thailand and South-East Asia, as well as from Japan, Korea, Australia, Europe, and the US.

Signature items include Saveol tomatoes from France, avocados from New Zealand, sustainably farmed pea sprouts and Dolci navel oranges from Australia, which are exclusive to Wellcome Fresh.

Wellcome Fresh has also added a locally grown organic produce zone, as well as a hydroponics zone, to meet the diverse needs of customers. Most produce is not pre-packaged and customers are free to handpick items in quantities to their liking.

In addition to the three fresh ingredients zones, Wellcome Fresh also features a Food Street giving the consumers the ability to sample international cuisines as they shop.

These zones combined with the store’s unique décor – which integrates traces of local cultural elements –are designed to give Wellcome Fresh the feel of a traditional market while offering a world-class grocery shopping experience.

Wellcome Fresh 3