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  • Sakata Chocostar tomatoes

    Sakata stands out

    Group continues to showcase its commitment to leading in tomato breeding through innovation, offering a diverse range of products

  • GEN tomato tomatoes

    French tomato growers protest rise in Moroccan imports

    Producers from Légumes de France staged protests at retailers in multiple cities last week, while Fepex argues growing tomato imports are causing a decline in EU production and price crises

  • Ronald Hoek Blue Radix

    Everyone wins with autonomy

    Autonomous climate and irrigation management can benefit growers and greenhouse companies in multiple ways, according to Ronald Hoek, chief executive officer of Blue Radix

  • Enza Zaden tomatoes

    Enza Zaden talks tomato traits

    Resistance is important as the fight against ToBRFV continues, but other traits such as taste, shelf-life, colour and yield are also crucial given retail and consumer preferences

  • Marc Werner Costa 1

    New Costa CEO talks ownership transition

    Marc Werner speaks exclusively to Fruitnet about Costa Group’s transition to new ownership and how it plans to leverage the change to accelerate growth

  • Steve Reed MP (second left) with Jimmy Russo (Centre)

    Labour promises new deal for produce growers

    Shadow environment secretary outlines Labour plans to support farmers and put money in pockets of food producers

  • Jos Looije

    Looye intent on meeting the highest taste expectations

    The high price point of Dutch producer Looye Kwekers’ premium tomatoes raises expectations, but the company’s commitment to delivering the best taste means consumers should never be disappointed

  • Anne Williams Bayer

    Waiting longer to build stronger

    Bayer’s vegetable seed segment is launching its first wave of ToBRFV-resistant tomatoes this year, encompassing a range of types and varieties

  • Plant stress signals

    How can fruit growers conserve water? Just ask the trees

    British apple supplier Adrian Scripps joins trial to evaluate special ‘listening’ technology, which could interpret stress signals in plants and help growers produce more sustainably