Julie Escobar, co-founder of industry association Global Women Fresh, believes the entire fresh produce business has a vital role to play in creating better opportunities for women across the world.

Speaking in the latest episode of Fruitnet’s interview series Fruitbox, Escobar talks about the organisation’s ambitious plans to inspire and empower women during the months and years ahead.

Established in 2019 to connect, inspire and empower women in the fresh produce business worldwide. the organisation is now working with the United Nations to empower 3m women, mainly in under-developed economies of Africa and Asia, by 2021.

A recent project established in Kenya, for example, as part of the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades initiative is helping female entrepreneurs develop production and exports of fresh avocados.

“So far we have provided one-on-one business coaching to more than 50 small businesses in Africa,” Escobar reveals. “We also just completed a set of webinars where we educated 200 women on global supply chain, global marketing, leadership strategy and how to navigate through the difficult times of Covid.”

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