The strike, due to start on June 30 after thousands of depot workers balloted for industrial action in a protest over pay and bargaining rights, was called off last night after negotiations between Asda, workers’ unions, and the TUC.

According to the BBC, Asda is reported to have come up with an offer to resolve the dispute, details of which have not yet been released.

Workers threatened to strike after Asda refused to allow unions to negotiate on behalf of staff at Asda's depots.

Lorry drivers and warehouse staff at 20 distribution depots around the UK had agreed to strike action with the GMB Union after almost three quarters of those who voted in a ballot backed a walkout.

However, potential flaws in the voting emerged.

“There were serious flaws in the ballot process with people who don't even work for Asda being sent ballot papers,” said Asda's people director David Smith.

Asda reasoned that only 16 per cent of its 12,500 depot staff actually voted for action, and was planning an injunction to block the strike.