England chefs' decision to drop sausages in favour of bananas could be behind the miraculous recovery of star skipper David Beckham and the possible return of Kieron Dyer.

The Manchester United free-kick specialist is due to start Sunday's vital clash with Sweden after press speculation he would be injured for the World Cup.

And Newcastle winger Dyer, who is rated at £20m despite spending much of his career in the crockhouse, could also be fit despite injuring his knee after a desperate challenge made on him in the last match of the season.

England dieticians agreed to ditch the traditional sausages in favour of a healthy breakfast of cereal and 'nature's energy bar', and it appears to have worked.

The players have had to get on with the job, despite a few teething problems with the new diet including dismay from their wives, who joined them on the recent trip to Dubai.

'Despite being Posh, Vic tells me she has always liked a bit of sausage,' said Beckham.

Meanwhile Dyer – famed for his bizarre three-in-a-bed romps with Newcastle Quayside's scantily-clad ladies and Ayia Napa's up-for-it champagne-fuelled womanhood – praised the changes saying they would keep him fit and out of trouble.

'I'll miss my fry-up,' he said, 'but I can't complain, my knee is better, although that could be due to not crawling on all fours around the hotel rooms of fast women, while barking like a wolfhound.' l