Tunde Daczo Storm Strategy

The debate between the good old days and the modern world is eternal, filled with argument and counter argument as to which is better – rose-tinted spectacles are pitted against the hyper, yet exciting, current times.

Yet the fact remains that time waits for no man and everything around us continues to evolve – technology advances, customer behaviour changes, and businesses must adapt.

To transform change into commercial advantage, businesses must understand how the new generation is shopping, what their habits are and how their behaviour can guide commercial direction.

So, how do they shop for fruit & veg?

Influencers – They follow influencers rather than advertisements. Advocacy is the fastest and most effective channel to drive home marketing messages and brand values. For this reason, and many others, social media needs to be embraced when marketing to this consumer group.

Health-consciousness – These are shoppers who demand food that both tastes good and does good; they wholeheartedly believe in the role of organic products.

Information addicted – This generation places Google, Twitter and Snapchat on a pedestal. They continually seek out information – which is, after all, only a click away. They have their say, and aren’t afraid to state their opinion, even to the wider audience.

Snacks – Many millennials have a habit of snacking in replacement of consuming the traditional three meals per day. One pivotal study in this area identified a wide range of eating occasions and motivations for snacking, including eating for an energy or nutritional boost, stress relief, and other social reasons.

Convenience – Convenience is fed by a preference for minimal effort, and interestingly there lies a contradiction when preserve-free fruits are wanted, while convenience shopping is demanded at the same time.

Adventurous – They love trying out new and innovative products.

Your modern-age customers await. To sell to them, you must understand their habits and their behaviours; you must connect with them and listen. Above all else, you must move with the times and keep an eye on the trends to capture the millennial market.