Angela Paymard

Angela Paymard

US-based firm KPG Solutions - which will be known as N2N Global as of March 2010 - will launch agricultural traceability help engine in mid-April.

Traceability Source is a new service being offered by KPG Solutions for free. With this service, companies can extend their traceability solutions to the item level.

Chairman of KPG Solutions Angela Paymard told freshinfo at Fruit Logistica: “The website will have the ability to connect any fruit or vegetable product to the place it was grown by providing the code on the item. Not only that, the website will then direct you to the product’s nutritional facts, information on how to eat it or use it in recipes, and will be very easy to use.

“We have developed this to help growers communicate effectively with consumers. It is very exciting and we have had a lot of positive feedback on the idea. We are now in the process of coding products of the companies that have signed up.”

The service allows suppliers to customise the look and feel of the pages used to show information. Various templates will be used to assist suppliers as they format the appropriate pages, allowing them to add key information such as commodity, variety, field, lot, harvest date, pack date, etc. In addition, suppliers can also add information such as food safety protocols, nutrition, recipes, links to home pages, links to coupons, etc. They can also add their own logo and various audio and/or picture files.