Safeline says its range of XL and Signature metal detectors will out-perform any other equipment on the market and are guaranteed to simplify life for fresh produce packers and processors.

Sales manager Mike Bradley explained: 'Fresh and frozen produce is among the most difficult to inspect for metal at consistently high levels of detection sensitivity because the product itself gives off an electromagnetic signal which can interfere with the detector.

'The new XL and Signature machines have an ultra-high operating frequency of up to 85-Khz which is a level between three and eight times that of the majority of metal detectors in use today.' He added: 'This level of sensitivity to metal means that the XL and Signature detectors are able to consistently find tiny pieces of metal even in such highly conductive foods.' According to Safeline, these detectors are able to inspect a wide range of products with the minimum number of machine settings, making operation easier and quicker with no compromise in detector sensitivity.