Sirane: the Sira-Flex Resolve put to use on tomatoes

Sirane: the Sira-Flex Resolve put to use on tomatoes

UK-based packaging firm Sirane has developed a new film that it claims will double the shelf life of brassicas.

In a series of trials using Sirane's new Sira-Flex Resolve film, cauliflower and broccoli remained in good condition after five days, the company reported.

The trials also reportedly observed an additional two days of shelf-life for cabbages, leeks and carrots.

The company’s claims will be welcomed by the fresh produce industry, as brassicas are renowned for having a short shelf life.

Unpredictable weather had a significant impact on UK brassica production throughout June with the country's Brassica Growers' Association chairman Matthew Rawson admitting: “The next six to eight weeks of production will be very difficult.”

However, Sirane sales manager Sandra Evans said she believed the Sira-Flex Resolve film could help ease weather-related brassica problems in future.

She explained: “The results are very encouraging. The recent poor weather has heaped yet more problems on the fruit and vegetable industry - with numerous reports of poor yields. Increasing the shelf life of the produce that is available could significantly help the situation."

Sirane MD Simon Balderson said the film would also be a crucial development for fresh produce exports.

"Shelf-life extension is the holy grail for the fruit and vegetable industry," he commented. "Using this film could reduce the amount of food waste and significantly reduce costs whilst increasing export opportunities for the UK."