The demise of Kwik Save has brought good fortune for retailers over the last few weeks, with many major multiples maintaining or increasing their market share.

According to TNS Worldpanel figures, Asda is continuing to recover after a spell of poor performance earlier this year. In the 12 weeks ending July 16, its grocery market share had risen back to 16.6 per cent - marginally ahead on the same period last year.

Asda’s shopper spending also increased by 6 per cent, ahead of total grocery growth of 4.6 per cent, TNS said, due in part to a greater focus on competitive prices.

Sainsbury’s maintained its strong performance, recording 16 per cent share for the fifth consecutive period. This figure rose from 15.8 per cent for the same period last year, reflecting an increase in turnover of 7 per cent.

Tesco continued its stronghold and grew ahead of the market at 9 per cent, bringing its total share of the grocery sector to 31.5 per cent.

Morrisons maintained its 11.3 per cent share, held for the last year, and enjoyed a 3 per cent increase in shopper spending on this time in 2005.

Both Somerfield and Waitrose continued to increase their share, recording the same level of growth and a share of 4.2 per cent and 3.8 per cent respectively. Somerfield also enjoyed a 10 per cent hike in shopper spending.