Cherries hold the record for the highest rate of impulse purchase, and as volumes build Marks & Spencer has come up with a ‘king-sized’ punnet, quantified as the biggest, sweetest and juiciest, and featuring the line that the large strawberries are perfect for dipping.

The fruit in question, like most on the retail shelves at present, is sourced from Spain, and in this instance the Siete variety is priced at £5.99 for 400g.

Kent may have a reputation for being the Garden of England as far as strawberries are concerned, but there are those who will remember when early fruit from the Cheddar Gorge region was well known. Lidl is jogging memories with Elsanta at £1.79 for 400g, with the county displayed on the punnet.

There are some intriguing apple promotions at present. What must be the most eye-catching appears on polybags of South African Gala carrying the flash ‘Get Fit with over 1 million prizes to be won. Every pack wins!’

Annual membership and five-day guest passes to work out at Fitness First are among the temptations. All customers have to do is visit the website and enter the number on the sticker.

Watercress is a very English product, although US, Portugal and Spain make an appearance. Tesco, however, has also come up with a red variety called Old Flame, which hails from Spain at £1.75 for 60g, or on offer at any three for two.

Fresh herbs have moved on from small packs. Sainsbury’s now provides an appropriate selection for specific dishes in a single sachet. While grown in more than one country, the contents of its roasting mix is a bundle of sage, thyme and rosemary and is available for £1 for 30g. -