Simon Martin at the SL Meet the Chef event 2010. Picture: Andrew Errington

Simon Martin at the SL Meet the Chef event 2010. Picture: Andrew Errington

Select Lincolnshire and QV Foods are aiming to strengthen relationships with the foodservice industry in London, with the first of the regional food project’s new Meet the Chef events held this week.

The event, held at east London’s The Boundary Restaurant, gave Lincolnshire producers the opportunity to showcase their products to London chefs. Some 10 specially selected chefs, including award-winning Pierre Koffman, were present and mingled with around 30 producers.

QV Foods’ sales and marketing director Simon Martin told FPJ at the event: “We are really pleased with the customer and chef interaction and there is no better way of showcasing product than through a great meal, using really good-quality ingredients. We would like to continue the Meet the Chef format, but take it forward a little. Next time, we will include a display of fresh produce to showcase the products and make the experience more visual - it is all about touch, taste and feel.

“But this has been great for networking and informing people about all links of the food chain, from the producer to the distributor, the customer and the chef; the route to market is present. A good deal of foodservice companies and major restaurant chains are represented here and we are ready to establish further relationships with foodservice partners.”

Martin added that collaboration was key to serving the foodservice industry and that Select Lincolnshire offered an ideal solution for QV Foods.