A Moroccan citrus exporter is launching a new website to provide information on the entire Moroccan fresh produce industry.

Samir Tazi, director of Fresh Fruit, will be officially launching agri-plus.org in January and says it will provide an invaluable source of information for the rest of the world.

Promoting the site at Moroccan agricultural fair, SIFEL, he said: “For Morocco we do not have a website with all he statistics and information we need. We have different websites for fruit and vegetables but not together and if anyone wants something it is not easy.”

Providing an overview of Moroccan agriculture, agri-plus will provide specific information on markets, technical issues, certification and statistics and will initially be launched in French, but Tazi says English and Arabic translation will be available within the next 12 months.

So sure of its success, he is already looking to the future, with plans to create similar sites for other countries including Spain, Turkey and Egypt.

“I am a little grower, but I have good relationships with many people from every sector and I think I can do something for these people. There’s a blank screen for a lot of people and I want to open it,” he said.