A new “sprinkle” for food claiming to count as one of the recommended five daily portions of fruit or veg has been launched in the UK.

The sprinkle comes in sachets and has been developed in Australia by food technology company, Calthapharm.

Called Q-daily, the supplement can only be take once a day and is available in three forms - 5 vegetables.plus, 5 fruits.plus, or Med.salade. One sachet contains the nutritional benefit of one serving of fruit or vegetables, the company claims.

According to the website, the sprinkles are pure and natural sources of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients sourced directly from fresh fruits and vegetables. “Q-daily boosts nutrition naturally, because it is real food, not a synthetic multivitamin,” it said.

Q-daily should be taken with a drink or meal to maximise absorption, but adding it during cooking will destroy the valuable nutrients, the company advises.

Q-daily is available at Holland and Barratt priced £14.99, from 25 sachets, or 10 sachets for £8.99.