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Friday 26th July 2019, 06:16 Central Time

San Miguel advances in Asia

A wider product portfolio and improved market access have fuelled the company’s expansion in the region

San Miguel advances in Asia

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San Miguel has made significant gains in Asia this past year thanks to improved market access for Argentine citrus and the addition of Peru as a new supply origin, which allows it to reach Far Eastern markets via the Pacific.

The company saw strong growth across the entire citrus category in China last year and this year has brought a sharp rise in exports of Peruvian and South African mandarins, as well as oranges from Peru.

“We’ve also started exporting mandarins from Uruguay via Chile, which shortens the transit time and opens up a great opportunity in this market,” said Juan Martín Hilbert, the company’s general manager fresh fruit for America and Asia.

“At the same time we’re increasing our presence in India and Indonesia and have resumed lemon shipments to Japan.”

The acquisition of Peru’s Agrícola Hoja Redonda in 2017, meanwhile, has significantly widened San Miguel’s product portfolio, adding avocados, premium mandarins like Tango and W. Murcott and patented table grape varieties like Jack’s Salute, Sugar Crisp, Sweet Sapphire and Sweet Globe to its extensive citrus offer.

“Asia generates unique growth opportunities for us. It is a very large market that demands premium products at good prices. In 2018 we exported 20 per cent of our offer to the region, but without any doubt we expect this to continue growing in the coming years, leveraged in our commercial strategy and the multi-origin platform,” said Martín.

“Diversifying our supply base allows us to provide a quality product in times according to the needs and programmes of each client.”

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