Nut prices to soar in Taiwan

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Emily French


Nut prices to soar in Taiwan

Price rises expected ahead of Chinese New Year due to Increased demand for the health food

Nut prices to soar in Taiwan

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The cost of nuts in Tawan is set to soar ahead of the upcoming Chinese New Year, the China Times reports, with forecasts of 30 per cent price increases.

While nut prices are set to rise across the category, pistachios are anticipated to lead the charge and become the most expensive in the lead up to the festival.

The head of the Taipei Bakery Association, Wu Kuan-teh, told media that nut prices will rise somewhere from 10 to 30 per cent.

Wu added that demand has grown due to increased consumer awareness of the importance of a good diet and the health properties of nuts.

"The production costs for nuts has not increased during the past year, but there has been more competition from China and people have become more concerned with healthy eating, therefore a price rise in nuts, which are seen as a healthy food, is natural," Wu said.


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