Europe strengthens ties with China

For fresh fruit and vegetable marketing and distribution in Asia
Matthew Jones



Europe strengthens ties with China

Beijing workshop addresses key trade topics and fosters closer relationships between trading partners

Europe strengthens ties with China

Delegates at last week's worshop in Beijing

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Trade relations between the Chinese and European fruit industries were boosted through a workshop in Beijing last week, with representatives participating from Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.

Organised by Freshfel Europe and CIQA (Phytosanitary Inspection Service of China), the aim of the workshop was to create a knowledge base for future business relationships and develop a deeper understanding of the countries’ respective production systems.

Leading Italian organisations Assomela, CSO Italy, Oranfrizer and Fruitimprese participated in the sessions, which addressed four key pillars of trade between the two countries: market access, plant health policies, food security policies, and the specific procedures for exporting different products.

During the workshop, members of the Italian delegation presented on the state of trade for the country's key export lines in the People's Republic.

“We had the opportunity to present a clear and analytical picture of the situation of trade of Italian fruit and vegetables in China, including the excellent performance of the kiwifruit and the great potential for the development of the market of pears, apples and citrus fruits,” said Simona Rubbi of CSO Italy.

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