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Lani stars in cherry promotion

Chinese retailer HEMA Fresh aims to get New Zealand cherry campaign off to a flying start

Lani stars in cherry promotion

Lani cherry display in HEMA Fresh 


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Freshmax’s New Zealand-grown Lani cherries are featuring in a new promotion at HEMA Fresh stores across China.

The promotion will have a special focus on in-store merchandising, with the Lani offering’s large size and deep crimson red colour set to appeal to consumers this December.

“The objective is for consumers to check out the special Lani cherries at the start of the season and be confident about purchasing them online there-after,” Freshmax said in a media release. “HEMA Fresh have a team of cyclists who strive to deliver every order within 29 minutes of you ordering, as long as you live within a 3km radius of the store.”

This season’s first shipments of Lani cherries arrived safely in Shanghai and been received by importer Frutacloud.

Following the Lani offering, Freshmax’s cherry programme will quickly move into Starletta, a white fleshed premium cherry, along with midseason red flesh varieties.


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