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Exotic Grocer aims to build market for horned melons

New website hopes to expose more New Zealanders to rarely sighted fruit

Exotic Grocer aims to build market for horned melons

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A new e-commerce platform is offering a rare exotic fruit grown in New Zealand for decades but rarely sighted on local retail shelves.

The Exotic Grocer launched its online store last week, selling the distinctive Kiwano horned melons, grown in the Bay of Plenty.

As the fruit’s name suggests, the melon has a spiky, orange skin, while its flesh is bright green and jelly-like, producing a taste crossed between a banana, passionfruit and lime, according to Scoop Media. The Exotic Grocer is selling double, triple, and 9 pack boxes to its New Zealand customer base.

Kiwano remains relatively unknown amongst New Zealand consumers, with only a small portion of the country’s production retained for domestic sales.

“The fruit originates in Africa but we have been growing them in the lush and fertile Bay of Plenty region since the 1980s, however not many New Zealanders have tried them yet as most get exported,” The Exotic Grocer’s owner, Vanessa Hutchings, told Scoop Media.


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