China agbusiness invests in Aus avocados

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Luisa Cheshire


China agbusiness invests in Aus avocados

China's Shenzhen Kondarl plans to buy up Western Australian avocado farms

China agbusiness invests in Aus avocados

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Chinese agbusiness giant Shenzhen Kondarl (Group) Co Ltd has announced plans to buy Western Australian avocado plantations owned by the Delroy family, reports Freshfruitportal.

The acquisition is not yet finalised but will not exceed RMB1bn (US$145m), Freshfruitportal said.

The planned purchase includes 220ha of mature orchards comprising 82,000 avocado trees that can produce 4,500 tonnes annually, it added.

In addition, the deal includes another 240ha of plantations that will have their first harvest this year, the report said.

Shenzhen Kondarl was founded in 1979 and modern agriculture is one of its main divisions.


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